Use Cool Email Signatures to Increase Sales

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Many of us that own a home business are sending and receiving numerous emails each day. This is one piece of marketing space that is often left unutilized however. Every outgoing message has the opportunity to solicit more sales. That can easily be done with a proper email signature.

The coolest thing came through my inbox to review this week, and it is perfect for the direct sales professional. Email signatures from My eSig automatically insert a strong call-to-action at the end of every message you send. These interactive signatures can include links to your website, blog, social networks and more. They have hundreds of pre-made samples to choose from, including 220 home business opportunities. Here is a sample for Jamberry Nails:

proper email signature

The setup and installation is pretty straightforward, though video tutorials are made available. They are also more than ready to help with any issues – even by phone. These signatures are compatible not only with free providers like Gmail and Yahoo!, but you can also use them with your branded emails that come through Outlook and more. My eSig can also be installed on your iPad or iPhone.

Reporting comes with your subscription and will let you know how many clicks you are receiving and which buttons are being clicked. If you do not have a company-provided website, My eSig allows you to create up to 5 mini-pages per signature at no additional cost.

email signature design

In addition to increasing sales, My eSig also has a built-in referral program. This means that any person that clicks through your signature to create an email signature of their own will earn you 10% of their subscription, and this goes on down the line five levels. Just as many of you are able to earn on your direct sales downline, you can also earn on your My eSig tiers.

The cost is only $9 per month or $59 per year right now. This includes two signatures. If you would like a custom email signature design, that can be done for only $30. Get onboard with My eSig and start making those outgoing emails convert into sales. ** Save 10% today with discount code: directsales.

A free subscription was provided to me for the purpose of this review. Opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Carla K. says

    Hi Thank you for this… I was introduced to this by Casey Eberhardt the Ideal Networker… but thanks for reminding me… I wonder if I used one from my company, could I direct it to my blog and my social media instead of the pro-orrered links like the eCatalog, Website, business opportunity.

    I have to look into this more closely.

    • Angie says

      You can change the buttons to whatever you would like, Carla. I have signatures set up for my virtual assistant biz and also The Work at Home Wife. I modified the buttons on both sigs to promote different URLs that were applicable to each. It is very user-friendly.