Online Business Opportunity: Charmsations

Charmsations has recently launched an online business opportunity. The company offers personalized charm bracelets, keychains, pet collars and more. This is a free affiliate opportunity with banners, links and other marketing materials being provided by Charmsations. Associates are encouraged to market both online and through in-person shows.

At the time of writing, there was a waitlist for new Associates.

Charmsations Online Business Opportunity

Compensation:  Earn 30% commission on all personally-referred sales. Recruit new Charm Specialists and earn 5% on downline sales. Payments are made monthly via PayPal or check with a $25 minimum.

Start-Up Costs: None. The Charmsations Associate program is currently free.

Inventory Requirements: None

Personal Website: You will be assigned an Associate link which can be used to refer customers to the Charmsations website. Each transaction is tracked through your personal link.

Quotas to Maintain Active Status: There is a quarterly minimum of $50.

Bonus Opportunities: None at this time.

Hostess Rewards: There is no company-sponsored hostess program as this is more of an affiliate program as opposed to a direct selling opportunity.


    • Angie says

      Though there are not any pre-made packages listed on the site, I am going to assume some type of discount program is available as they do make mention of their “Sparkle on the Go” parties. That’s definitely something to inquire about prior to enrolling.

    • Jolene says

      We will be offering a kit for those that want to do in person shows or show to family/friends. The kit is optional and not required to sign-up for the company. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks ~ Jolene

    • Jolene says

      Shawna – I would love to share more information about the opportunity if you are interested. Thanks ~ Jolene