Now Open to the US: Your Inspiration at HOme

Your Inspiration at Home (YIAH) brings global flavor to tabletops around the world. Founded in Australia, the company has now opened its arms to Consultants in the UK, Canada and the US. As a Consultant, you will introduce your customers to ethnic foods and flavors at YIAH’s signature “Tasting” parties.

As a global company with no regions or territories, you can build an international business and sponsor and sell to any of your contacts in any of the countries YIAH is now in, so AUS (where the company was founded), the UK and now USA where Your Inspiration has just become part of the CVSL umbrella. With a strong foundation of  supportive training and a fantastic support network 24/7 you can have any of your questions answered by fellow consultants and leaders in group forums. Your Inspiration at H0me is very unique in that our grounding is in supporting each Consultant no matter where you are placed in the company.

Your Inspiration at Home: Now Open to US Consultants

Compensation:  Consultants earn a minimum 25% commission that can be taken straight away. Then any sales bonuses are paid about the middle of the following month. Consultants can earn up to 35% commission on all sales in a calender month. The team building bonus is a very generous 7% on your personal team, and Your Inspiration at HOme also offers a legacy bonus that has commission  put into a 401K on your behalf.

Start-Up Costs: Three starter options are available with Your Inspiration at HOme:

  • $59 for the Social Media Kit, so if parties aren’t your thing then this is great
  • $99 for the Business Kit which has $250 worth of value
  • $179 for the Executive Kit with over $450 in value

Inventory Requirements: None. The company does not encourage keeping inventory.

Company Website: Consultants websites are provided by the company for FREE along with a monthly email sent on your behalf to your customer base.

Quotas to Maintain Active Status: $200 retail in a rolling 6 month period

Bonus Opportunities: International travel for incentive trips

Hostess Rewards: Your Inspiration offers a generous hostess rewards program, paid for by the company. They also offer booking bonus program to help with your future business.

Advertising must be pre-approved by the company.

Sponsor Message: As the team leader of an international organisation with consultants in all 3 of the countries YIAH is in, I will be there to support you in achieving your personal goals. I have been with Your Inspiration at HOme since the beginning of 2011, and have been privileged to be a founding leader here in Australia and be part of launching the company into the new markets. Now as one of the top Director’s in the company I am enjoying working with new leaders coming through and supporting them on their leadership journey. It is very exciting to see how much growth and momentum YIAH has a new direct sales company that is building very quickly.

Please contact me with any questions either through my website or email . it is very important to me that we work out if YIAH is a good fit for you and that you will get the best support possible to suit your needs.