Lilla Rose Business Overview

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Lilla Rose is a newer home party plan business offering fashion hair accessories. As with many direct sales companies, Lilla Rose was started in a garage and survived on little but hope and a dream for several years. After finally experiencing success through farmers markets, found John Dorsey decided to take the business model in a direct selling direction.

In addition to their signature Flexi Hair Clip, you will also find hairbands, bobby pins, badge holders and more in the Lilla Rose product line.

Compensation:  Products can be purchased at wholesale savings of up to 45%.

Start-Up Costs: Two investment options are currently available with Lilla Rose:

  • Party Kit for those choosing to start without inventory is $49.95
  • Show Kit for those wanting to do shows, vendor events and boutique selling is $99.95

There is also an optional Fast Start add-on pack for serious business builders, which includes $1100 in product and 30-day bonus qualification for an additional $500.

sign up  kits

Inventory Requirements: None

Personal Website: A replicated website is provided to all new Lilla Rose Consultants at no charge.

Quotas to Maintain Active Status: A total of $29 in sales per 12 months is currently required to remain an Active Consultant.

Bonus Opportunities: Additional income opportunities are available through sales bonuses and team building.

Hostess Rewards: Yes.

Consultant Requirements: Resident of the United States