Jamberry Nails Consultant Opportunity

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Jamberry Nails is a fairly new opportunity. At the time of writing this post, there were only 350 consultants with the company. Jamberry Nails is on a mission to provide women with salon-quality nails from the convenience of their own homes. This is a great opportunity for not only adult women, but it may be perfect for a fashion-minded, entrepreneurial teen.

Jamberry Nails Consultant Opportunity

Compensation:  The base commission is 30%. You can earn an additional 5% in volume bonuses.

Start-Up Costs: The start-up kit is $99 plus shipping and handling. It includes 50 catalogs, 50 brochures, 100 order forms, cuticle pusher, orange sticks, crystal files, hair dryer, buffers, scissors, consultant guide, 50 sample cards/business cards, 1 sheet of nails, credit for 3 more nail sheets, and the first three months of your consultant website are paid.

Inventory Requirements: None

Personal Website: Yes. The first three months are free with start-up kit purchase.

Quotas to Maintain Active Status: There are no sales requirements to receive commissions on your personal sales. To remain an Active consultant you must submit 300 PV every 3-month calendar period.

To qualify for bonuses, you must submit 300 PV in any pay period to receive bonuses for that period.

Bonus Opportunities: You can earn free product and business materials.

Hostess Rewards: Hostesses earn 10% to 15% in free product plus half-priced items.


  1. T.J. says

    Jamberry Nails is a brand new with such an innovative product! It’s funny, because no one really thinks there’s an alternative to nail polish. I mean we all grew up with nail polish, so when something new comes along— people get excited! It’s perfect for people who are allergic to nail polish and safe for all ages, including children. Jamberry Nail Shields are chemical and latex-free and people everywhere are raving about it! The best part is not only can you share this new nail revolution but you can also make it into a business. The business opportunity is even better and we are growing every minute! If you ever wanted to be a part of a soon-to-be BIG company, then I would highly suggest hoping on board!

  2. laura says

    What a great company is right! I signed up in December so I was one of those 1st – 350 consultants and well now we have over 350 in only Illinois and Ohio, which are the highest growing states!. With this company you get great comission and a high % off of 5 levels of your downline. Did I mention we have no other competition in the direct sales industry! I love Jamberry!