Introducing Diva Girl Party

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If you are familiar with the home party plan scene, you may have been introduced to Diva Girl Purse Party over the past few years. In 2012, Diva Girl launched a new direct selling opportunity – Diva Girl Party.

Unlike the original opportunity, Diva Girl Party goes beyond just purses. Consultants can sell any or all of the four product lines included; purses, interchangeable flip flops, jewelry and a variety of women’s accessories. In addition to four verticals to sell, you also have four avenues available for making those sales; cash and carry shows, traditional order-taking home parties, virtual parties and your personal consultant website.

Compensation:  You can purchase and resell merchandise for up to a 45% profit. Online sales receive a 25% commission.

Start-Up Costs: New Consultants have two options for enrollment. Both offer a minimum 40% discount on all products, 50 invitations and receipts, one month consultant website, training materials and backoffice access. The $29.95 Enrollment Option includes a $20-off-$100 voucher. The $99 Enrollment Option includes a $135 gift certificate.

Discounted inventory kits are also available. Purchase is not required for enrollment.

Inventory Requirements: None

Personal Website: After the 30 days included with enrollment, the ongoing maintenance fee is $9.95 per month.

Quotas to Maintain Active Status: $500 wholesale annually

Bonus Opportunities: Volume bonuses are available

Hostess Rewards: Free and discounted products are available to hostesses with qualifying shows.

Consultant Requirements: A resident of the United States and of legal age in the state of residence (minimum 18 years of age)