How to Be Successful in Direct Sales

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Many soon-to-be home party plan business consultants start looking into how to be successful in direct sales long before signing their application. Whether you are already a representative for a company or hope to be one soon, here are a few tips to ensure direct sales success.

How to Be Successful in Direct Sales


Set actionable goals. “I want to replace my full-time income,” is not an actionable goal. “To replace my income, I need to hold 8 home parties per month,” is however. That is a goal that you can write down and start taking steps towards. Once you have the broad goals down – like 8 parties per month – start breaking them down further into tasks that need to be accomplished monthly, weekly and daily. To hold those 8 parties per month, how many leads will you likely need to reach out to per day?

Get organized. Those daily, weekly and monthly tasks are not likely to get done unless they are written down. In addition to your goal and to do lists, keep track of leads, hostesses, clients and repeat clients. You will also need to get a good accounting system in place.

Be positive and enthusiastic. Sales, as in life, is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude. If you are upbeat and believe in what you are selling, sales will come far easier.

Ask for the sale. New consultants are often afraid to ask for the sale. Don’t be. You need to seek out new customers and sales, they are not going to come banging your door down on their own. Every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.” And sometimes “no” means “not right now.” Never take it personally.

Get out and about. The more you are around new people, the more frequently the opportunity will arise to talk about your business. Don’t just surround yourself with your colleagues. Get involved in your community. Volunteer at your children’s school. Join your local chamber of commerce. Find local networking meetups through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or

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  1. Carla K. says

    YOu know I wish someone had explained the difference between “Actionable Goals” and “General Goals” to me. And annther thing that is missing is that new consultants are not taught how to break those “actionable goals” into baby steps.

    Thanks for this.