Direct Sales Opportunities for Men

Whether it is due to the economy, or simply because our male counterparts no longer want to miss out on a piece of the action, direct sales opportunities for men are on the rise. Not only are more men signing up for the long-standing party plan companies, there are now companies popping up targeted towards men.

Direct Sales Opportunities for Men

Man Cave Guides gather the boys together for what are called MEATings. This is a party full of food, games and DirecTV Pay per View. Man Cave specializes in grilling equipment, gourmet meats and home brewing supplies. Guides earn 25% of their party sales. Even I can get excited about a company that sells Chocolate Bacon.

Shure Pets makes a point of stating they are “gender neutral.” But, a man’s dog is his best friend. Shure Pets specializes in pet health aids, treats, toys, apparel, beds and gifts. There is something here for every dog or cat owner. Consultant commission is 25%. The Starter Kit is $149.

Mannatech gets in on the health and nutrition game. Their products focus on health, weight, fitness and skin care. This is more of a Network Marketing opportunity. The start-up costs for MLM opportunities often reflect that in price. They want to force you out there from Day One to recoup your start-up costs. In this case, it is $499.

Tupperware has become rather popular among men in recent years. And, why shouldn’t it? More men are taking to the kitchen. The bachelors need food storageware. And if you are a married woman that is a fan of these high-quality products, you likely find your Tupperware missing often for uses other than originally intended. Don’t try to tell me you have never found your Tupperware in the garage. I know I have on more than one occasion. Hop over here to find out more about selling Tupperware.

These are just a few of the direct sales opportunities for men. And, more and more men are taking the tradition party plan businesses and tailoring them for their own needs. Even companies like candle businesses have reported more men joining their sales force in recent needs.