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Start An Online Business Selling Chelsea Row Jewelry

Chelsea Row

Chelsea Row is an online social selling company from Kitsy Lane also offering jewelry. They are one of the up-and-coming companies offering their consultants the ability to conduct virtual trunk shows, or a vParty, in addition to the traditional home party shows. vParties are becoming increasingly popular and allow consultants to conduct shows anywhere, anytime […]

pawTree: Ground Floor Business Opportunity for Pet Lovers

pawTree Business Opportunity Overview

pawTree is a direct sales company with a focus on natural and nutritious pet food. Their product line includes pet food and treats free of poultry byproducts, grains and artificial ingredients. All items are also made in the U.S.A. In addition to their popular pet food products, the company also offers a home business opportunity. […]

Ground Floor Jewelry Business Opportunity with Bella Vintaj

Bella Vintaj Ground Floor Jewelry Business Opportunity

Bella Vintaj is a new home party plan company offering boutique jewelry. Today we are sitting down with a member of the Bella Vintaj staff to learn more about this exciting new home business opportunity. Bella Vintaj – Pure, love worn jewelry™ Handmade in the USA! Please tell us a little about Bella Vintaj and […]

Free Beta Ambassador Opportunity With Zindigo


Zindigo is a new fashion social selling company. This opportunity appears to be largely dependent on Facebook marketing at this time which does give me pause. Many direct sales companies have recently found their links marked as spam by Facebook due to over-sharing by reps. I will remain cautiously optimistic about this opportunity at this […]

New! Ground Floor Direct Sales Opportunity with Northern Clover

Northern Clover

Today we are sitting down with Jane Kwa, founder of new direct sales company Northern Clover.  Please tell us a little about Northern Clover and the products you offer.   Northern Clover is a ground floor direct selling jewelry company that appeals to all women – styles that are on trend, exclusive and at an exceptional price […]

Park Lane Jewelry: Compensation Plan & Start-Up Costs

Park Lane Jewelry Business

Park Lane Jewelry was founded in 1955. The company’s founders, Shirley and Arthur LeVin, were just teenagers at the time. The company offers quality handcrafted jewelry, and a home business opportunity, at an affordable price. New jewelry is introduced monthly. Over 200 pieces are available for under $50. In-person sales is the main objective of this […]