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Free Beta Ambassador Opportunity With Zindigo


Zindigo is a new fashion social selling company. This opportunity appears to be largely dependent on Facebook marketing at this time which does give me pause. Many direct sales companies have recently found their links marked as spam by Facebook due to over-sharing by reps. I will remain cautiously optimistic about this opportunity at this […]

New! Ground Floor Direct Sales Opportunity with Northern Clover

Northern Clover

Today we are sitting down with Jane Kwa, founder of new direct sales company Northern Clover.  Please tell us a little about Northern Clover and the products you offer.   Northern Clover is a ground floor direct selling jewelry company that appeals to all women – styles that are on trend, exclusive and at an exceptional price […]

Park Lane Jewelry: Compensation Plan & Start-Up Costs

Park Lane Jewelry Business

Park Lane Jewelry was founded in 1955. The company’s founders, Shirley and Arthur LeVin, were just teenagers at the time. The company offers quality handcrafted jewelry, and a home business opportunity, at an affordable price. New jewelry is introduced monthly. Over 200 pieces are available for under $50. In-person sales is the main objective of this […]

Centum20 Opportunity Overview & Compensation Plan

Centum20 Consultant Opportunity

The weight loss industry is always booming. Centum20 is a newer direct sales company in this industry offering their signature Essentia Sprinkles and a lucrative home business opportunity. Compensation Plan:  Earn up to 30% commission on personal sales and when enrolling Preferred Customers in the autoship program. Earn up to 8 levels down when recruiting […]

Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity Overview

Skinny Fiber

Skinny Body Care is a unique direct sales business opportunity in that they only offer two products; Skinny Fiber and Ageless Anti-Aging Serum. As those names suggest, this is a social selling company in the health and wellness industry. This company offers a low level of entry and several ways to earn. Compensation:  Earn $20 […]

Jeunesse Global Opportunity Overview


Jeunesse is an international direct sales company specializing in anti-aging personal care, skincare and nutrition products. This company is growing by leaps and bounds, 38,000 distributors enrolled in the opportunity in June 2014 alone. During that same month, the company also experienced $40 million in sales. Compensation:  Jeunesse Distributors receive financial rewards in a number […]